Testimonials from real estate and mortgage professionals that have use our marketing solutions, services, and resources are posted below. We invite you to read their comments to get an idea of some of the ways we can help you grow your business through our marketing solutions.

I can’t say enough great things about your company and services. I encourage folks to use you since I get such great feedback from my customers on my database mailings that you do for me. Thank YOU!!!

-- Jacqueline H.

In Touch Today has been impressive from the beginning and a large part of my satisfaction was and remains to be the quality of service and quick response that you always provide. Beyond the superior level of customer service, the quality of your product and relatively inexpensive costs associated with each client retention campaign is wonderful! I am so thankful that In Touch Today is a part of my team and am confident that you will remain an integral part of my business model.

-- Troy W.

My Dear Marketing Team, I just received my first order of postcards and they look great. My principle broker is very impressed and I am looking forward to increasing my business and doing more business with you. Thank you.

-- Ken E.

I just updated the data base with the returned post cards and I am paying for not keeping in touch with my data base. But I am receiving positive remarks from those that do receive the cards so I know this is working. I wish I had started this a few years ago.

-- Ginny T.

I think you all are wonderful to work with – very efficient, professional, warm & polite. I haven’t found anyone that works there that is not any of the former. I very much like your products as well. I have looked at a lot of other websites and just don’t like them nearly as much as I like yours – especially the product selection. I currently only use your e-Newsletter on a continual basis and I get great compliments on it. The greeting cards I have used in the past are very professional and, again, I really enjoy the selection I have to choose from. Keep up the good work!!

-- Laura H.

I must tell you that this is my best referral source. I get past clients calling me all day long… I just love it! Your President should know how successful your business is making my business! Thanks for all of your help and your quick responses!!!

-- Maureen M.

The Monthly Mortgage Letter and Mortgage Matters are my 2 most valuable marketing tools. 90% of my business are past clients or are referred to me by past clients. Keeping myself in front of clients after the closing has been essential to my success and longevity in the mortgage industry

-- Mace K.

You have a product that is on target and the service has always been terrific!

-- David B.

You’re service is great; it has helped me to keep in touch with my Brokers with valuable information…….. One of my Broker’s stated this newsletter helps him stay on track with his strategy. Thank for your help!

-- Danny R.

I wanted to respond to your email briefly. The response to our newsletter has been very positive! We have had clients call and say what a classy newsletter we have. We expect more articles from Glenn that will explain who we are and what we provide to our clients on a regular basis. I wish we had done this earlier!

-- Terri B.

I love the ease in which I can order my closing gifts. It takes about 1 minute…I order the address stamp~no muss, no fuss and there has never been a glitch!… I think this marketing tool has great longevity with the client… THANKS, I LOVE IT!!!

-- Emily E

I get good feedback regularly from my clients that receive the In Touch Today mailings – I am very glad I utilize your services. Keep up the good work!

-- Judy M.

I am very happy with In Touch Today’s client services. Everyone is very helpful and responsive to my questions and requests. Additionally I’ve received very positive feedback from clients as well as other professionals regarding my newsletters.I asked my personal CPA to write an article for my April Newsletter and it went over very well. It not only personalized the newsletter, it provided “free” advertising to that professional, who in turn will send referrals my way – growing my business. Thank you all for taking such great care of my marketing needs.

-- JeanMarie P.

In Touch Today makes it seamless to conduct business and produces a great professional product that allows me to stay in front of my referral network. I receive emails from my Realtors frequently complementing the market updates I provide weekly. Without In Touch Today’s products I would have to spend additional time creating marketing products and would leave me less time to work with clients.

-- Buddy K.

Just be consistent in whatever you do. I send out the newsletter on a monthly basis. In my newsletter I recognize the people who have given me referrals. I’ve had several people tell me that they’re still trying to get me a referral because they want to see their name in that newsletter.

-- Sandra W.

Mortgage Matters has been an invaluable resource in maintaining contact with realtors and clients. The document is well written and the graphic presentation is excellent. The staff at In Touch Today has created a newsletter that helps establish the mortgage broker as an expert in the field. I have confidence in knowing that my service provider has followed all legal protocols in delivering my emails. This program has proven effective time and again!

-- Aaron H. S.

I have been using the Mortgage Matters product for quite sometime and I have found it to be a phenomenal value. With Mortgage Matters, I am able to provide added value to referral sources and past customers automatically and weekly. Plus, every employee at In Touch Today is responsive and highly professional. I strongly recommend In Touch Today’s ‘Mortgage Matters’ product.

-- Rick S.

As a mortgage originator who is not the most computer savvy, I can honestly say that utilizing In Touch Today’s Mortgage Matters weekly newsletter has been a cake walk. My real estate agent partners, enjoy the quick and simple reading of the upcoming weeks forecast every Monday morning, as well as what happened last week in the marketplace. I highly recommend the Mortgage Matters Newsletter to my fellow originators, as an easy affordable way to keep your name in front of your real estate partners as well as other professional referral sources.

-- Jeffrey M.

I have used Mortgage Matters to keep my real estate agent referral database informed on the market for the past 3 years. They love receiving it via e-mail on Sunday. It keeps them abreast of what could potentially happen in the market that week. They can then intelligently communicate to their clients any risk potential.

-- Cindy L.

Our marketing through In Touch Today has been huge for us. That, to me, has been one of the most positive things that I’ve ever done since coming across the company back when we were Sterling Capital Mortgage. That outsource business frees up so much of time for my assistants that now I get to utilize them in true assistant roles. In Touch Today has been fabulous for me.

-- Brad S.

I just wanted you to know that I received my business postcards last week and I am very impressed with your work. Can’t wait to show them off at my office. Thank you! I will be a repeat customer and thank you again.

-- Cheryl A.

My plan is to add all my past clients, as well as my current clients to the After Closing Campaign. I LOVE it! It makes my life so so much easier!

-- Bonnie T.

I am so impressed with your company and the outstanding job you are doing for me every month!!!! Thank You to each and everyone involved in helping me!!!!

-- Eric L.

I just placed my first order for three return address stamps which I requested to be in hand by March 23rd in order for me to present them to my buyer and his Realtor at closing on the 24th at 9:00 AM. Karen in your sales department and Jennifer were professional angels in helping me accomplish my goal. I have shared your web site with my supervisor and he was so impressed with the site that he asked me to order enough catalogs and samples for our next meeting, to give one to each Mortgage Banker in our group. I have already received the catalogs for the meeting and I am very excited about your company and programs. Since I am such a strong believer in one company and/or individual helping each other grow their businesses, I have requested 12 more catalogs and sample packets that I plan to personally deliver to the top ten Realtors in my immediate area. In closing, I am very impressed with your company and the individuals I mentioned earlier. There is no doubt in my mind that your company concept is a sure way of reminding your customer base that you want to deserve their business, not just expect it! I am very excited and looking forward to each of us helping each other grow our businesses.

-- Alan J.

I still continue to be impressed by your company and the professionalism. I tell a lot of people about your website and I know for a fact that I have gotten business, because of the newsletter. Thanks again!

-- Brett M.

It has been a little over two years since I embarked on my past client contact management program using your monthly postcards. I get phone calls after every mailing and usually some application activity. Last fall, I decided to try something and someone different on new transactions. Although the product was good, the level of service and number of errors were big turnoffs. As a result, I decided to increase the number of past clients that receive your monthly postcards from our office and discontinue using the other company. Your customer service people are always courteous and quick to respond to questions. If some Loan Officers are not using In Touch Today for their Clients for Life program, they are missing out.

-- Paul E. C.

I think your service is great! The cards are professional and the message on the back sounds like I wrote it myself! This is the easiest and most cost effective way to stay in touch with clients and referral partners while providing them information they can use.

P.S.The recipe card this month is making me hungry. Thanks for doing such a great job with these cards! My clients love them! I had a client call me recently and say she heard from a friend that someone was looking for a reputable mortgage banker. My client ran home and pulled out her recipe card box to give the person my contact information! The recipe cards really work!

-- Amy L. F.

In Touch Today has impacted all aspects of my mortgage origination business. My repeat business, my referral business and my realtor/purchase business have all increased dramatically. My name recognition is tenfold from just 90 days ago. And, the customer service people at In Touch Today are absolutely wonderful to deal with. In today’s corporate climate of bigger is better, In Touch Today gives me (an independent one state broker) the products/tools which allow me to look, act and feel just like the multi-state super brokers.

-- Jim R.

I am very happy with all the products I have received so far and believe that I have had two new deals with estimated commission of $7000 because of the items I have received so far….THANK YOU!!

I used to try and do this all by myself and I was successful about 25% of the time. My first manager told me if you don’t do it consistently, you might as well not do it at all. Well, four years later I have stopped trying to reinvent the wheel and decided to let the professionals do it, and it works so much better!! Thank you!!

-- Edie C.

HI. I know you like to know good news. I had 2 referrals yesterday from closed customers that receive the mailings! So, again…thanks for the assistance.

-- Margaret C.

Over the last few months we have seen at least 2 past clients come back for another loan, be it a refi or new purchase loan. This is new to us and obviously the result of the past client campaign that we have designed with your services… including the digital newsletter, the Lender for Life Postcards, and the monthly newsletter. Just thought you might enjoy this insight. Thanks for all of it!

-- Tim M.

Your recipe cards are one of the BEST methods of advertisement that I’ve tried. People love them. And even if they don’t cook, they keep them just in case they might need that recipe someday. I’ve personally had a repeat client tell me when I offered to give them our fax number “oh… I’ll just get it off one of the recipe cards — I keep all of them! The next thing I’m planning is that we subscribe to your series of greeting cards after a closing (7 Card After Closing Campaign). I think that’s a great way to keep in touch, and your selection is very attractive. Thanks for offering such a wonderful tool to help us keep in touch with our clients!

-- Pamela & Jim H.

Just wanted to let you know that the newsletters were very well put together. Just what I was looking for…I had great responses from them…Thank You.

-- Joyce W.

I really appreciate all the extra effort everyone does at ITT to take care of me and my business.

-- John S.

I’ve received an overwhelming response to my first postcard mailing. 24 calls and 11 applications! The benefits I receive here are as great as my relationships with The Mortgage Coach and Greg at Building Champions.

-- Bob P.

You and your company are great! I am a loyal fan and customer!

P.S. I received my Holiday Cards last week and they look awesome – Thanks.

-- Wayne B. G.

I received a call yesterday that was a referral from a previous client. The caller said my previous client had told him about me earlier, but could not find my phone number. Then my marketing card from In Touch just happened to hit, and therefore he had my number. I have been very pleased with the business I have received this year due to this marketing.

-- Audrey A.

I just wanted you to know how successful my monthly postcard campaign has been. I started mailing 3 months ago on a monthly basis. Since that time I can track 5 applications for total loan volume of $1,423,000 and I have another application scheduled for this coming Tuesday. I knew I should have started this sooner, but better late than never!

Thank you for everything you and your staff do to make me look good.

-- Jonathan L.

I would like to express my gratitude to In Touch Today for making my life as a mortgage consultant so much easier and more productive. Your products, prices and service are unsurpassed!Some originators may be concerned about “being able to afford” to enlist your services. In Touch Today sends monthly mailings to my “CLOSED LOAN” database, as well as my “REALTOR” database which has QUADRUPLED my income in 2001… Therefore, my response is ‘YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO DO THIS!’My sincerest ‘THANKS’ to In Touch Today! I appreciate all you have done for me and my business.

-- Lynne R.

After mailing postcards for a few months, my repeat and referral business has jumped to 75%! These mailings have reduced amount of hard selling I need to do… and your postcards are inexpensive as well! Thank you!

-- Joel T.

The “Brent Burns Report” has been so well received by my clients that many have emailed me letting me know how much they appreciate receiving it. Today’s consumer is looking for “value-added” services and this newsletter provides just that. I can attribute several deals already just to this mailing. My marketing plan would not be complete without it!

-- Brent B.

Thank goodness for you guys. I need to use you more! In fact when I have the time I would like to send you a Realtor list to send a newsletter to monthly. The recipe cards are great. I have received great feedback from them and it has worked to keep my past clients in touch with me! As we change companies, which is common in our industry, it is great to have a way that clients don’t lose touch with me and is so easy to set up! I appreciate your updating my database as I don’t have a way to do it and its one less thing I have to remember to do!

-- Diana M.

Getting started was very easy. And the people at In Touch Today were very accommodating to work with. Thank you Boni and the rest of the people at In Touch Today. You make me look good.

-- Todd S.

I was a client of ITT prior to First Capital Bank Mortgage. The reason I came back to you is, because of the service offered to me previously. The recipe cards are a great way to stay in touch with my database and, it reminds them to refer others to me. In addition to that, the recipes are great!

-- Hank B.

I found Boni and In Touch Today as I was reading one of my many mortgage magazines. And what a great find that was. The products and services offered through In Touch Today add a tremendous value to my customer database. I am confident that I will remain a client of Boni’s as long as I remain in the mortgage origination business. In this age of computers and automation, a friendly voice and a human touch can make all the difference.Boni, thanks again for your great products and wonderful service.

-- Ed P.

I have been delighted with the service you and your staff have given me. It has been very prompt and friendly and professional. It appears that you run a very efficient organization.I have mailed my first lot of post cards to my ‘client list,’ I received two calls thus securing two new mortgages.I am also going to be mailing out to some of my prospective clients. I will be increasing the number of postcards that I mail out in the very near future. I know the results of regularly contact will be very positive.I found it very easy to get started with your system and I am going to be passing your name and information over to an associate in the next few days.Also your Mortgage Matters news letter is great … If possible a Canadian based one would be wonderful.Thank you very much. It is a real pleasure dealing with you.

-- Catherine E.

WOW are you guys a class organization! I just faxed in my service agreement and I have already received my postcard proof. Now that is service!!

-- Barbara Z.

I have been sending the Return Address Stamp for several years now as a post closing gift for purchase clients and have found it an excellent compliment to my marketing program. It keeps my name in the forefront of client’s minds by having my contact information on the stamp typically in a prominent place in someone’s home for easy use. Clients are always so excited to get something so practical; very often they say I must have been reading their mind and that they were planning on getting themselves one. It is a great follow up a week or two after the closing. We simply send in the order to In Touch Today and don’t think twice about it. From a cost standpoint, this inexpensive item can’t be beat!

-- Gary P.

I love your company! My interaction with everyone at In Touch is always positive and the staff is extremely professional. I am a Mortgage Professional and following each completed transaction, I order a Return Address Stamp from you for my client. My clients are thrilled to receive the gift. The ‘compliments of’ with my name and number on the top of each stamp has made it easy for my clients to find me.

-- Karen C.

I just wanted to send a few words of praise for In Touch Today’s Mortgage Matters product. I get comments from my agents about the content and those comments are very good – but what I really like is that the report is so much in line with my own viewpoint, and that it really is easy for me to back the sentiments that the report reiterates each week. This is a very nice marketing piece.

-- Mike R.

I am very impressed with the way In Touch Today responds to the current market conditions in the products that they offer. Your timely products help me to keep an edge when marketing to my clients. I think that every one of your products are great and I hope to one day be able to utilize them all. You truly are the ‘one-stop-shop’ for my marketing needs.

-- Ben A.

One of my clients began using your marketing material 2 months ago. She has been in the mortgage industry for 6 years and had never thought about sending a newsletter or something to people she had worked with in the past. She has already increased her business by 36%. She has been referred to 3 new realtors and really enjoys all the creative ideas your website has to offer.

-- Anonymous.

I don’t have any specific stories to share. I use your postcards as a regular mailer to my existing clients. I also use some of your brochures. I get great service from your employees and I know that I get regular business and referrals by being in contact with my clients. Thanks!

-- John K.

I love the products offered by In Touch and the customer service I’ve received over the last few years has always been excellent! My clients are impressed with the quality and timeliness of the card campaign products. I will continue to use In Touch as long as I’m in the business.

-- Sandy F.

I work by myself. I mean, no assistant, no children, no spouse, no partner. To me, having In Touch Today handle my newsletter and keep up my mailing list with just minimal input from me, is better than having an assistant. I don’t need to constantly follow up to make sure the job is being done. My clients are impressed with the quality of the newsletter and the content. I write one of the articles myself each time and the rest is done by ITT… With all I have to remember each day, 7 days a week, it’s wonderful knowing that In Touch Today remembers for me when they are putting together the next mailing! What a relief, they are worth their weight in gold!…I can’t say enough good things about the service and the quality of the product. I highly recommend ITT to real estate professionals everywhere!

-- Carol S.

I can not say enough about how wonderful you guys are. Your organization overnight has become my marketing team. You have an extensive portfolio to handle all of my marketing needs. Your staff is well informed and helpful. I have been sharing my experience with other colleagues.

-- Shirley B.

Our most recent order was for Daylight Savings postcards. I was unaware that daylight savings was moved forward this year, and as a result, had my calendar reminder a week late for when I was to order the postcards. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that ITT offers an express printing option (at a reasonable price), as well as various shipping options to help expedite delivery. It turns out that instead of receiving the postcards too late to send out, we actually received them with a couple days to spare!

-- Christopher W.

I love all the products I order through you. The prices are very reasonable and there are several choices to choose from. I do not have any additional ideas for you but keep up what you are doing and I will continue to order.

-- Sarah S.

I have been using your postcard mailers to my past customers for several years. Some years I have sent one a quarter, other years I have sent the only a couple of times. No matter when I send them, I can always count on getting several calls, and always closing a new loan because of it. Customers keep the recipe cards, home tip cards, and love the inspirational cards. Your cards are high quality and send the message that we want to send.

-- Anonymous.

I cannot say enough about your group at In Touch Today. I email my orders and they are promptly processed. Everyone that I have worked with at In Touch Today is so friendly and helpful and we love your products. Wonderful Customer service!!!

-- Sherri S.

I have to tell your entire team that In Touch Today is awesome! I have been getting rave reviews on all my marketing from In Touch Today. Thanks for all your help.

-- Daniela H.

I am very pleased with the service, and by the way the seminar was a huge success. I will be ordering all of the PowerPoint Presentations in the near future.”Edward also stated: “I have never given a positive comment to any product or service that I have purchased. I am usually only lukewarm at best with my expectation. In Touch Today’s power point presentation far exceeded my expectations. The PowerPoint presentation was a very valuable tool that my company used to educate our prospective clients. We were rewarded with two closed real estate transactions totaling over $3500.00 in commissions. I have recommended In Touch Today to all of our agents.

-- Edward T.

My greeting cards started going out and I immediately began receiving referral calls. One of my old customers who received one of the cards is now a real estate agent at a very large office. She called me specifically to let me know how much she appreciated the cards, and especially how much she appreciated the thought that her clients that she would be sending to me would also be receiving these cards on a regular basis as well. This opened up a new real estate office to me. These were great, unexpected, and welcome by-products of your card campaign.

-- Andy B.

I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the quality of the cards being sent to my clients. They are awesome! I especially like my scanned signature being imprinted on the card. What a wonderful option.I’ve opened my first branch office with Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation and I decided to “Keep In Touch” with each and every client by using the after closing card campaign. I think you should rename to card campaign to the ‘Keep In Touch’ campaign.

-- Candice M.

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the movie tickets you mailed to us and also wanted to give you an update as to how things have been going since last we communicated. Our newsletter looks great and we have gotten 4 calls from clients wanting to do business or commenting on how nice the newsletter is. Three of those 4 calls have turned into deals that are on their way to closing.

-- Klarity L.

I got your package in the mail with the sample 7 card campaign for a purchase. I have to say I am REALLY impressed, and they are much nicer than I thought they would be! To be honest, I thought they would be cheap looking and low quality paper. They are beautiful!! I am so glad!

-- Jennifer L. H.

I recently purchased 500 postcards and 500 monthly newsletters from your company. I can not say enough positive things about your products and customer service. After just one month of mailing to past clients I have received numerous compliments on the ‘well written and informative newsletters.’ Furthermore, I have received three new loan applications that I would have not received without the help of your newsletters. I am looking forward to your upcoming Webinar and I am now signed-up for continuous monthly newsletters. I am a customer for life. Please let me know if you ever need me to endorse your product or compose a letter praising your customer service and keep up the fantastic work!!

-- Jason P. C.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & thank you all at In Touch for you valuable service… This is my best year yet with return clients who mentioned getting a card from me thanks to you…

-- Warren C.

Thank you so much for everything. It is a pleasure to work with you. You are pleasant and quick in your work which is so hard to find in this business.

-- Tina I.

Just received my August newsletter and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the way it turned out! Very professional!!! The letter really is a first class product that I am proud to send to my customers.Mike Berlin, a colleague here in my office, will be calling you to set him up as well. He also was impressed with the professional quality of the newsletter.Thanks…can’t wait for September!

-- Glenn B.

I just wanted to thank you for your help. I’ve already received three referrals from the cards (7 Card After Closing Campaign). And I’ve only been doing it for a short while!

-- Jeremiah W.

What I like most about what you are doing is that (loan officers) can customize the plan to meet both their financial and marketing goals. ‘We must invest in ourselves if we want others to invest in us.’ This is well known by all but practiced by few. I believe most of my people will tell you that signing up was an easy and painless process. They also have said that no matter how hard they try and get something out on their own each month they just don’t have the time and resources available to get out quality pieces on a consistent basis, and your program is quality and consistent.

-- Greg R.

As you know, I have only been enrolled in your program for about two months and my first postcard mailing goes out next month. The parts of your service that I have utilized so far are the database management and the weekly email of Mortgage Matters to my Realtors. I am very satisfied with your service. You and your staff are very professional, highly efficient and very personable.It was easy getting started and the few minor glitches that always seem to occur whenever I go into anything new, were minimal and quickly resolved. Both I and my company looked at many other services that purported to provide what your company does and frankly, none of them actually did. Based on my experience with you so far, I believe that I will be a long-term client of your firm.
Keep up the good work and thanks!”

Two years after working with In Touch Today Dan writes:
“Your ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ approach to customer service is second to none. I have dealt with many companies of all kinds over my 30 years in the finance business and I’ve never encountered such courtesy and service from a company before. I can’t thank you enough.

-- Dan F.

Your service helps me to always be in front of my clients without doing anything at all!

-- Chesky F.

I must say I have been very happy with the promotions, gifts and specials that ITT offers. I have noticed an increase in numbers of my past clients calling and making inquiries with respect to financing questions. I will continue to use your company and thanks for the good follow thru.

-- Randy M.

Hi Boni! I had to email you, as I am so glad I decided to use your services!!! I’ve received quite a few calls from past clients stating ‘I have been looking for you and finally you’ve sent me something so I can find you!’ So, Boni, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Chris B.

I’ve received very positive reactions to the cards (12 card referral source program). I just got a deal from one of the biggest agents in town due to the cards!

-- Bernie C.

Thank you for all of your dedicated service. Barbara and I consider the 7 Card After Closing Campaign to be a great asset to our business! Thank you again for your continued support.

-- Rick Z.

Thanks for all your help. You guys are GREAT to work with and believe me working with two other newsletter companies I do have something to compare to!

-- Lori A.


-- r03k