Marketing to Past Clients

Mailing postcards is a cost-effective, proven method of marketing. There are several ways to successfully utilize mortgage marketing postcards. The first step would be to decide who you want to target with your marketing: is it past clients, prospects or professional referral sources?


Clients for Life Newsletter

Market to Past Clients

Show your clients that you care about them! Let them know you are always available to answer questions, or take good care of a referral they may pass along to you. Are you interested in mailing regularly? Check out our Monthly Mailing Programs for deep discounts and increased return on investment!

Market to New Prospects

Each prospecting postcard series is designed to catch the eye of your prospective clients, and call them to action. You can send them to a warm or cold farming list. Need a Mailing List? We can create a customized list that is suited for your business.

Professional Referrals

Are you looking to add value and increase your professional referral source contacts? Are you ready to recruit new professionals to your organization? Our Professional Postcards are a great way to keep in contact with your referral resources, add value to their business, and build your business.