Real Estate Marketing White Papers

Learn new ways to build your business! Our White Papers are specifically designed to give you new ideas, advice, and resources on topics that are important to increasing your business. Each White Paper is easy to follow and downloadable for you to keep on hand for future reference.

In Touch Today invites you to use our marketing White Papers to help build your business.


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The One Hour Marketing Plan

Learn more about databasing basics, referral systems and ways to stay in touch. Gain basic insight into how to work with Realtors, attorneys and builders. Learn how to build your business further, including having a web site, how to effectively use publicity and advertising and how presenting seminars can increase your business.


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Who Should You Market To?

Learn how to find large groups of first time home buyers and how to use loan products and down payment assistance programs as a marketing strategy. Identify value-added offers you can use to entice prospects to respond including monthly mailer products, brochures, door hangers and informational seminars.


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Targeting the Credit Challenged

Are looking for a niche where buyers purchase more than one property per year and that can create a steady income for you? If so, you're ready to learn more about the investment property niche!


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Targeting the Reverse Mortgage Market

Using a series of questions, identify Realtors that share your desires and goals so that you can build a mutually beneficial relationship. Learn ways to increase your responsiveness to Realtors and streamline your communication process to minimize potential issues.


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Successful Co-marketing

Would you like access to clients who need your services and for whom rates aren't an issue? Would you like to work with clients who won't shop you? If so, working with attorneys may be a perfect fit.


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Maximizing Your Referrals

Are you looking for the next under-served niche? Have you considered a corporate affinity program? Companies are looking for ways to add value to their benefits program without adding cost. They want to retain valuable employees. They want to attract great new talent. Your "no cost" benefits program could be the answer they seek. Learn how to create your own no cost benefits program.


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Using Presentations to Build Your Business

Learn how to construct your personal sphere, learn what a database can do to help increase your business and learn more about databasing software so that you can choose the software that is right for you.